Everything You Need to Overcome Marijuana for Good

The only course to provide a complete playbook combining science-based education, comprehensive coping strategies, a daily growth framework, and 1-on-1 coaching.

You'll learn how to:

  • Blast through cravings and withdrawal without suffering
  • Rewire your brain's addiction pathways for the long-term 
  • Cultivate an unstoppable growth mindset
  • Recognize and prevent relapse early 
  • Navigate and avoid triggers like a pro 
  • Overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk
  • Handle social pressures and high-risk situations with precision
  • Establish and achieve the goals you always dreamed about
  • Sustain motivation and freedom for a lifetime

Our Students are Thriving in Freedom

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Letter from the Founder

Hello, I’m Arun Mathur.

I struggled in silence with marijuana addiction for over two decades before accepting countless forms of costly treatment. But they failed to end the vicious cycles of relapse and mental anguish.

In desperation, I dove into the science of marijuana addiction and realized we can't simply cut out a drug we've ingrained into our brains both chemically and spiritually. The key is elevating your life by applying proven, science-based strategies and tools across all aspects of living.

I left no stone unturned in my research to unlock the keys to overcoming marijuana and achieving this holistic personal growth. It worked for me, it's working for others, and it can work for you too.

Before you battle without a proven playbook, opt for expensive treatment, or spend another day suffering, let me help you overcome addiction and start living your best life.

The Overcoming Marijuana course will empower your transformation in 3 steps:

Step 1
: We'll rewire your brain's addiction pathways using science-based techniques to regain control over cravings. You'll understand exactly why you experience withdrawals and how to smoothy manage symptoms.

Step 2
: We'll cultivate an unstoppable growth mindset and provide you with a clear playbook of strategies to recognize triggers, overcome self-doubt, handle pressures, and prevent relapse before it occurs.

Step 3
: We'll help you establish and achieve outcome-driven goals for all areas of your life, from relationships to finances and beyond. You'll sustain motivation, freedom, and an uplifted life without marijuana.

You can regain control and reclaim your freedom starting today!


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